Privacy Policy

Pace Property Management is committed to the utmost care when handling tenant information. To ensure compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA), we have outlined our adherence to PIPEDA as follows:

Only senior management is allowed to examine tenant documents on file.

Purpose of Personal Information Collected
Personal information provided by a prospective tenant is used to determine his/her eligibility for the services provided by the Landlord. Tenant records are created to hold rental applications, copies of lease agreements and copies of any complaint, correspondence or request forms related to the tenant.

All tenants acknowledge on their rental applications and on their lease agreement that Pace Property Management has gathered and will store personal information.

Limited Collection
Pace Property Management collects data relevant to the leasing of a rental unit. Pace does not collect data that is not related to this activity.

Limited Use
No information from tenant files will be released without written permission. Files will only be held for time the tenant is with Pace Property Management and the files will be destroyed within three years of the end of the tenant’s tenancy.

Accuracy of Personal Information Collected
All tenant data is verified by the tenant as he/she signs the rental application forms to ensure accuracy.

Safeguarding of Personal Information
All tenant files are stored at the Head Office of Pace Property Management and are locked up when not in use.

A copy of this document is included in the new tenants welcome package.

Individual access
All tenants have access to their file upon written request to Pace Property Management.

If a tenant feels that their personal information has been used improperly they can obtain a Tenant Complaint form from the management office or submit their complaint in writing to the Privacy Officer. All complaints are confidential and can be sent to:

Privacy Officer
Pace Property Management Inc.
177 St. George Street, Suite 104
Toronto, ON M5R 2M5